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Ukrainian singer, songwriter, actress, stand-up comedian, and presenter

Elen Smile

Welcome to the world of Elen Smile! You can love her or hate her, but no one will remain indifferent. This project was created with soul. Here you will find photos and videos, be able to view upcoming events, and also get in touch with the artist! Enjoy!


“After a long hiatus, I am returning to the world of music. The damned war didn’t allow for the strength and energy to create. But now I feel ready to inspire, I want everyone to have faith in our happy future, and then we will definitely triumph!”

"Elena's life experience only makes her stronger. She is talented and confident - and this is the main key to success. Therefore, she is destined for success!"

Nestor Lipich (DJ, Sound Producer / Ukraine)

"I met Elen in Miami and was shocked by how bold she is! She came to America alone, was not afraid, and endured all the challenges. I believe that people like her will definitely succeed in whatever they do. I believe in her!"

Kseniia Bakulina (blogger / USA)

"Elen Smile is a star and a part of our show program. She has been a host and singer at events. She sings and hosts in three languages + always jokes and uplifts the mood of all guests. I wish her to sing for the whole world, as she dreams..."

Natalia (event organizer / USA)