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Here you will find feedback from people who have collaborated with Elen Smile. Your feedback could be next and will appear on this page, so feel free to share with us!

In my opinion, Elen Smile has a great talent on a global level. Her songs captivate with their diversity and originality.

Olga Romanovska

Journalist / Canada

A very talented singer with wonderful music. Elen keeps getting better and better, so she will definitely become famous! I am her dedicated fan!

Lucien Lutin

Military serviceman, volunteer / France

I met Elen in Miami and was shocked by how brave she is! She came to America alone, was not afraid, and endured all the challenges. I believe that people like her will definitely succeed in their endeavors. I believe in her!

Kseniia Bakulina

Blogger / USA

Ukraine is proud of her! She is incredibly cool and never allows anyone to offend her. She is talented and a star, and her songs are always in my car playlist!

Olga Mills

Nanny and Superwoman / USA

Elen is just amazing. Sometimes I’m amazed by how strong she is as a woman. Despite the difficulties in life, she doesn’t give up and keeps moving forward… Working and recording new songs. And they are really cool.

Karina Kukla

Makeup artist and streamer / Poland

Elen’s life experience only makes her stronger! She is talented and confident – and this is the main key to success. Therefore, she is destined for success.

Nestor Lipich

DJ, Sound Producer / Ukraine

A very creative and charismatic individual. Can create a holiday script within an hour. Has a very pleasant voice and cool original songs.

Diana Cherry

Makeup artist, blogger / USA

Elen Smile is a very talented singer. She impressed me not only with her songs and vocals but also with her charisma, artistry, depth of soul, and sincerity. I wish her to shine on the world stage!

Kristina Weyss

Psychologist / USA

Elen Smile – a star and part of our show program. She has been a host and singer at events. She sings and hosts the program in three languages ​​+ always jokes and cheers up all the guests. I wish her to sing for the whole world, as she dreams…

Nataliia Kolisnychenko

Event Organizer / USA

Her creativity inspires and gives strength to live on, as well as hope for the victory and a happy future for Ukraine! She is energetic, fiery, and sincerely gives bright emotions to those around her. And she’s quite straightforward. Love her.

Victoria Lomakina

Fasting retreat instructor / Germany

Though we are on different continents, I constantly follow Elen’s creative work. I thank God for meeting her on my journey. She is incredibly sincere, kind, and exceptionally talented!

Jasmine Alvadi

A good friend / Netherlands